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"If you're a Grateful Dead fan, you can't go wrong"
-- SLO New Times

"Lots of us are really loving what you're doing these days - - you're at a peak and it shows." 
-- Nicholas Meriwether

"These are great songs. I've known you since '83 watched you grow in this business and you have done great. The songs are great. The songs have improved dramatically and your performance is great. It's a hard, long time to do this and you've stuck with it and made it sound really good."

-- John Sandidge, KPIG radio

"Crafting Grateful Dead style originals and playing Dead covers, this band will get your feet moving and your body shaking."
- SLO New Times

"Scott makes some really good records of his own. His solo records I've always enjoyed. It's got a nice swinging vibe to it."
--  Rod Moseanko, KDRT radio (Davis, CA)

​"[The Barrelmakers] cook up their own flavor of Americana which tastes something like country, classic rock, blues and an unidentified tropical spice. Attendees can feel free to bring their favorite toast, there will be plenty of jam."
-- Monterey County Weekly

"A fantastic songwriter" ... "His music mixes blues, Americana and rock n roll, all with a nod to the 60s jam band sound, and with an overall feel-good and distinctly Santa Cruz vibe"
-- Good Times, Santa Cruz

"We seriously enjoyed listening to, and discussing your song 'Rainy Nights.'  ... It was very well constructed in both structure and format, and spoke well to your writing abilities..."
-- A&R Staff, Sweet Rosie Music

"The CD [Batik in Blue] will appeal to fans of the likes of The Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Railroad Earth, David Lindley, Little Feat, and other jam-style acts. The songs move easily between folksy bluegrass, trippy surfer sounds, breezy Cali rock sounds, Grateful Dead-style jams, and straight up blues. I particularly liked “99 Degrees,” which feels like the soundtrack to a summer stroll. Should be a great night of California music."
-- New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Santa Cruz-based Americana jam band that falls somewhere between the Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident and the Tedeschi Trucks Band... All-star outfit... Recommended if you like long jams that romp through rock, roots and blues." 
-- Good Times, Santa Cruz

"Scott's a great player." 
-- Abe Pearlstein, KEBF, Morro Bay, CA

"Runaway keyboards, funky electric guitar beats, coexisting surf and country guitar licks are simmering ingredients in Scott Cooper’s song, “Electric Witch’s Brew.” And like the rest of his repertoire, this song has the backing band The Barrel Makers, who linger in your head for hours, even days, after you first hear it. Cooper and The Barrel Makers have a reputation for being a dynamic live act and frequently play pubs and wineries throughout Northern California." 
-- Monterey Weekly​

"What I really enjoyed about this CD is you can understand every word, and Scott has a happy, inviting voice. He is a storyteller... The music is rich with amazing harmonies." 
-- The Connection Magazine

"Scott Cooper’s musical resume is pretty savage. One of the best jam bands in the genre."

"Standout local jam band"
-- Good Times, Santa Cruz

"His imaginative lyrics will be sure to make you ponder as you tap your feet to the performance."
-- Monterey Weekly

"Scott Cooper is a LOVE ….An amazing gem performing artist in our community …heck, he is the only person I know that can write amazing waltzes…And has assembled a wonder-filled band."
-- Doug Dirt, Banana Slug String Band

"A versatile musician, playing everything from drums, to bass and guitar, and also has the vocal chops to match."
-- Watsonville Register-Pajaronian

"'Batik in Blue,' Cooper’s third recording, free dives into various influences from Little Feat-style boogie to lean-and-mean blues."

-- Santa Cruz Sentinel

"I really dig this. This stuff is just beautiful. Some of the little touches in this music is just incredible."
-- Rod Moseanko, KDRT, Davis, CA

" Lively, toe-tapping, pop-flavored rock, speckled with guitar riffs" 
-- Half Moon Bay Review

"I have had the pleasure of listening to your new sounds and must say that you should be proud of your creation!  I am a big A LEG TRICK fan and now it is cool to see the natural progression you’ve got going on with BATIK IN BLUE.  It is obvious that you took the extra time & effort to pull some good stuff out of your soul…and the fellows that helped you bring these sounds to life in the studio should be commended.  There are a bunch of little touches that add to the overall listening experience that I really dig…the little cymbal splashes and low-key drum rolls on “Walk In The Woods” support the gorgeous pace and tone of that piece so well…and it really is a perfect accompaniment to “Ghosts”…love the imagery!  The other thing about this record that I am enjoying is both the harmony singing and the overall balance of sound.  “K-Row” and “Ghosts” both have those excellent harmonies that make us love the human voice in song…and both the rhythm and lead guitar sound really seems to be in full synch in the sound.  I imagine you and the band are having a damn good time playing these tunes live!"
-- Rod Moseanko, KDRT, Davis, CA

"Santa Cruz jam band guy Scott Cooper will bring his band The Barrelmakers to Barmel for a groovin’ good time. His original music draws from his love for the music of the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Tedeschi Trucks, Ry Cooder, David Lindley and String Cheese Incident, to name a few. Cooper plays guitar and sings, while Lachlan Kane is on piano, Terry Shields is on bass, Mark Corsolini plays drums (all these guys sing) and then you have Scott Walker on lap steel guitar. All are great musicians."

-- Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald

"Holy cow, Scott Cooper’s new CD A Leg Trick is a phat collection of 11 bluesy, jammy, Americana tunes ... Polished and infectious, it’s a CD you can love on the first listen. It’s a pretty sweet CD."

-- New Times, San Luis Obispo

"What a musician!  'Jack of all Trades' is so perfect, so unfiltered and he really embraces his hillbilly soul."

-- John Shelton Ivany, former editor Hit Parader Magazine

"The singer-songwriter delivers thoughtful, literate tunes that stick with you."

​-- New Times, San Luis Obispo

"... it sounds like something a well-oiled roots/jam band could have done in one good night.... A showcase for his songwriting ... he can write material worthy of the bands he loves."
-- Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans

"Cooper’s good sound promises a good night."

-- Monterey County Weekly

"[Save Your Love For Me] is a very nice example of authentic Americana/bluegrass. A fine piece of songwriting. Keep up the very fine (and creative) work."

--- A&R Staff, Sweet Rosie Music

"You deserve the good press you get - what a background and what a great sound!"
--- Sonnie Brown, KCBX, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Jack of All Trades" sounds a whole lot like the Byrds and that's a good thing. "Sealed With Tears" is an excellent song, really good production and a nice sound."
-- Rod Moseanko, KDRT, Davis, CA

"You continue to amaze."
-- Nicholas Meriweather, Grateful Dead Archivist

"One of this county's musical treasures!"
-- Trout Farm Inn, Felton CA

​"Bay Area jam band veteran"

-- New Times, San Luis Obispo
"This new release focuses on Scott’s acoustic side with healthy portions of bluegrass, classic country, and Americana."-- New Times, San Luis Obispo

" A talented multi-instrumentalist, Scott Cooper delivers a unique brand of bluegrass and Americana, and currently has several solo albums to his credit."
--, San Francisco

"A lot of Cooper’s influences are the very same styles of music that influenced Grateful Dead’s eclectic sound, including bluegrass, R&B, blues, soul, classic country and New Orleans jazz. Cooper particularly likes to champion the older artists that inspired the ’60s/’70s rock ’n’ roll movement."
-- Good Times, Santa Cruz

"Though Scott Cooper—known for his work as frontman of Santa Cruz Grateful Dead tribute The China Cats—always seems to have his plate full, he managed to churn out a solo debut 'A Leg Trick' last year, which reached #5 on the Jam Band Radio Charts. The 11-track LP—featuring several guest spots including Doobie Bros’ Dale Ockerman and Little Feat’s Bill Payne—is a trifecta of Americana, New Orleans sound and jammy Grateful Dead goodness."
-- Monterey Weekly

"The CD is fantastic, thanks. It is now in the rotation. Here we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Basketball legend Bill Walton

"The album is an 11-track conglomeration of groove-based American rock sprinkled with blues, country and New Orleans-inspired sounds to bring out the best boogie-woogie flavor in each song." -
Matt Weir, SC Weekly

"11 immediately catchy Americana tunes" - New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Cooper is the guitarist for the Dead tribute band China Cats, but his credits are as long as your arm (Secret Chimp, Gary Gates Band, Rusty Zinn, Banana Slug String Band, Stackabones, Deep Blue Sea, etc.) and his excellent new jammy/New Orleans rock 'n' R&B CD "A Leg Trick" hit No. 5 on Relix Magazine's jam band radio charts." - Monterey Herald

"Just wanted to let you know that I found the Leg Trick copy you sent to K-Dirt...have been listening to it the past couple of days and am very impressed! You really rolled in some excellent touches throughout the record and the overall fidelity is most pleasing to the ear + mind. In my opinion, not too many folks know how to capture a good sound on record did! Love the clarity & spread of instruments, real nice job on the vocals and the track sequencing is cool. A couple of the songs really have struck a chord in where my own scene is right thanks for that! You and Barry handle the the work on "Caboose Is Loose" quite well."-- Rod Moseanko, KDRT, Davis, CA

"Guitarist-singer Scott Cooper ... just released a solo CD, "A Leg Trick," a bluesy Americana collection of tunes written by Scott except for a cover of Warren Zevon's "Accidentally Like a Martyr." In addition to playing guitar, Scott plays bass, drums and keyboards on the CD with cameos from band members of Galactic, Little Feat, Great American Taxi, the Doobie Brothers and others." -- Sacramento Bee

"The man of 1,000 side projects" -- New Times, San Luis Obispo

"Some excellent tunes from a new release by Scott Cooper of Santa Cruz...the cd is called "A Leg Trick" and is primo! Great batch of recordings that encompass the rolling sounds of New Orleans and even some fine classic Bay Area-style music that is totally refreshing to hear these-a-days." -- Rod Moseanko, KDRT, Davis, CA

"The 11-track LP is a medley of Americana, New Orleans sounds and jammy Dead goodness. The instrumental “Caboose on the Loose” is a good-time-traveling tune led by pedal steel and guitar and would have easily fit into Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions’ song gamut. “So Right So Long” brings a laid back, Steely Dan ’70s crispness. And on “Dance the Night,” Cooper shows off the whiteboy blues chops he picked up as a sit-in drummer at So-Cal blues clubs."
-- Monterey Weekly

"Though Scott Cooper—known for his work as frontman of Santa Cruz Grateful Dead tribute The China Cats—always seems to have his plate full, he managed to churn out a solo debut A Leg Trick last year, which reached #5 on the Jam Band Radio Charts. The 11-track LP—featuring several guest spots including Doobie Bros’ Dale Ockerman and Little Feat’s Bill Payne—is a trifecta of Americana, New Orleans sound and jammy Grateful Dead goodness."
-- Monterey Weekly

"A fierce, well-rounded musician... His latest effort, "A Leg Trick" (is) a collection of tunes ranging from New Orleans-style gumbo to a country slide guitar bonanza." -- Good Times, Santa Cruz

"A longtime fixture in Santa Cruz music circles, multi-instrumentalist Scott Cooper moves freely between improvisational jams, rock, bluegrass and folk music. A celebrated and often-used sideman, Cooper has recently taken center stage with his first solo release, A Leg Trick" --

"Santa Cruz- based Cooper releases an album with varying sounds of New Orleans, blues, jazz, rock and Grateful Dead, with a few short jammy phrases. Some nice moments and solid playing throughout."
-- DJ Dizzy Jackson, KZSU

"I'm digging the CD. The Tallahassee line in the opener hooked me, the radio chick song is groovy, and the best parts are the jams in between...Keep up the good work"
-- Thor, WMNF, Tampa

"Scott is in love with music. Just listen to his new recording, “A Leg Trick.” You will feel his passion, his humor, his respect for his musical elders and the roots of Americana music. You can feel his heart beating with a rhythm that started with Allan Toussaint and Chuck Berry, and beat it on down the line with Lowell George and Jerry Garcia. Scott is the kind of musician we want to hear, we long for. He inspires us to dance and smile and fall in love. There is one word for this: SOUL ... and Scott has it in spades!"
-- Larry Graff, The Banana Slug String Band

"Scott Cooper .. has mustered some of the finest talent in the Bay Area for his latest album. Despite a long time in the making, Cooper has finally reached his glory, not only for his latest masterpiece, but also as a multi-instrumentalist." -- Andrew Tuckman,

"Darn fine CD, bunch of good tunes"
-- Hack, WECS

"Good stuff. I'm lookin forward to play more of this stuff, sounding good."
-- Papa Sam, KUSP

"That's called Caboose on the Loose. I just love that swingin' instrumental"
-- David Gans, KPFA. Dead to the World

"Has that down-south vibe, with solid horns, piano, drums. Nice ... killer slide. Both old-timey and barroom sounding. Solid ... Grateful Dead stylings. Easy-going vibe ... Upbeat, jazzy, country blues a la Taj and Dr. John with piano, wah-wah guitar, cool drumbeat. Nice ... Hint of Allman Bros. at first, then that New Orleans mood.... Dead vibe right down to the vocals ... jammy barroom sound ... Really Dead-ish. "
-- DJ Dizzy Jackson, KZSU


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KZSC (Santa Cruz, CA)
KUSP (Santa Cruz, CA)
KDRT (Davis, CA)
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